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Technical restrictions of the artwork.


Despite its many advantages, the engraving is also some restrictions due to technological reasons. Here are some important observations for the design of graphics:

1. All the objects on the project must be vector objects, do not use the thickness of the contour, only the objects filled with color (and how to cut the plotter),

2. Different printing colours
must be separated by colour of the cup with a minimum thickness of 0.7 mm (two different colours) or 0.4 mm (same colour),

3. All colours
must be uniform shades, we do not have the possibility technical of shading colour and perform a smooth transition. Only in rare cases, it is possible, but This reconciliation phase of the project,

4. Maximum
area of the engraving is a rectangle measuring 210 × 85 mm (for the most popular cup artwork - Adrian),

5. Minimum size of an object engraved
may not be less than 0.5 mm, this also applies to the internal mesh points A, B, e, a, p, o, etc., and therefore do not recommend use in projects very bold fonts at small font sizes.

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