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Engraved clocks - ceramic tiles.


We would like to offer you an engraved clocks. The product is made of ceramic tiles. By combining the techniques of engraving, painting received a unique gift advertising. We have the possibility to make even a single copy, while the quality of performance does not differ from the clocks made in larger batches. There is also the possibility of introducing changes to individual units in the series - for example, can perform 10 clock, but on each item will be a different name. Such personalization does not affect the price!
Our clocks can be part-finished wooden frame exactly as images - which clearly improves their attractiveness. There is also a possibility to make these tiles without clockwork, but as a commemorative plate. These plates can be used as thank you, prizes or awards. The clocks can be found all the elements which we engraved on cups. In this way you will receive a unique set.

Standard clocks are made from the frames of silver or gold colour. When ordering over 20 pieces is possible the selection of a different colour frames. In this case, it is necessary to confirm the availability of your preferred colour of frame. Clocks are delivered packed in individual cardboard boxes, protected from damage polystyrene cubes. Delivery without batteries.

Colours made clocks depends on the current availability of tiles.


Available colours of tiles.






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