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Price-list of engraved clocks and ceramic tiles.


All price-lists shall contain the final price, which is on the invoice. We do not charge any hidden extra charges (for the matrix or for the preparation of graphics). In the calculation, please take into account only the amount listed below. Net prices are dedicated only to companies which have a valid European VAT Number. You can verify the validity of a VAT number issued by any Member State on this SITE. If you have no European VAT Number or your European VAT Number is not valid we will add the VAT (23%) to the net price.


net price of the clock
without the frame

net price
of the frame

net price of the
clock with the frame

under 10 pcs.

9,34 €

3,65 €

12,99 €

10 to 20 pcs.

8,84 €

3,65 €

12,49 €

20 to 50 pcs.

7,04 €

3,35 €

10,39 €

50 to 100 pcs.

6,74 €

3,35 €

10,09 €

over 100 pcs.

6,50 €

3,19 €

9,69 €


Standard clocks are made from the frames of silver or gold colour. When ordering over 20 pieces is possible the selection of a different colour frames. In this case, it is necessary to confirm the availability of your preferred colour of frame. Clocks are delivered packed in individual cardboard boxes, protected from damage polystyrene cubes. Delivery without batteries.

are packed separately for safety. You should to set up them by yourself and in the right order. First set up the hour-hand, next the minute-hand and at the end the second-hand. After you set up all clock-hands, you should set up the clock on the 3 o'clock. All clocks in our GALLERY are set uped precisely like it should to be.


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