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The perfect way to have paper screws - Free download


Cutting paper screws - the perfect way.

1:25 scale - *.pdf file - My own project.

There are: 2610 pcs 0,6 mm; 2700 pcs 0,8 mm; 1950 pcs 1,0 mm; 1620 pcs 1,2 mm; 1380 pcs 1,5 mm screws on one A4 sheet in this file.

There are: 968 pcs 2,0 mm; 702 pcs 2,5 mm; 525 pcs 3,0 mm; 390 pcs 3,5 mm; 336 pcs 4,0 mm screws on one A4 sheet in this file.

I'd like to show You my own innovation in paper-screw production. I know that it is a big problem for many modelmakers. All cuts You have to make with a very sharp knife (Olfa AK-1 or AK-3) only pushing it down - without pulling. After paper cutting You can hear a characteristic sound.

Kartonowe śruby

1. Print pdf file on any cardboard and glue it to the desired thickness. First cut out the screw rows along the horizontal lines. Now You can harden the cardboard with SuperGlue or BCG (BrandClearGlue).

Kartonowe śruby

2. Next make all red cuts and next all blue and remove all triangles. Make all cuts only on the one side of row. We have to make a one side notched row. Then cut the row on the other side in these same cutting order. We have got the row of screws joined with only one edge. "KOLEJNOŚĆ WYKONYWANIA CIĘĆ" means Cutting order, "PIERWSZE CIĘCIE" - The first cut and "OSTATNIE CIĘCIE" - The last cut.

Kartonowe śruby
Kartonowe śruby
Kartonowe śruby

3. Now You have to cut out (with one cut) so many screws as You need. This method is as good as your experience and ... knife sharpness. Have a nice cutting.

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